Project Horus High altitude balloon project


Project Horus is an amateur high altitude balloon project based in Adelaide, Australia. The aim of the project is to build and fly low cost weather balloon payloads into the stratosphere, capturing photographs, recording sensor data and providing a reliable launch platform for high altitude experiments.

Launches attain altitudes in excess of 35,000m (115,000ft), passing through regions of extremely low pressure and temperature - temperatures frequently reach as low as -55 degrees Celcius. Payloads are tracked by GPS and radio communications - once the balloon has burst, the payload descends to Earth and is retrieved.

This website is now rarely updated. For up-to-date news on Project Horus launches, please visit the Amateur Radio Experimenters Group (AREG) Project Horus page.

Earth from 35km, captured by Horus 7

Flight computers are developed built to fly in these payloads, providing the GPS tracking and radio communications, controlling onboard equipment & logging data.

Experiments flown aboard Horus have included camera payloads, environmental monitoring (temperatures, pressure, humidity), radio communication tests and wide coverage radio repeaters - with the potential for much more to come.

A typical launch

We're always keen to hear from anybody who'd like to get involved in high altitude ballooning. Whether you're looking at launching your own high altitude balloon, or you would like to fly an experiment aboard one of our payloads, we'd love to hear from you!