Project Horus High altitude balloon project

Useful Links

This page contains links to resources I've found useful in the development of Horus, as well as datasheets and other project websites.

For a wealth of additional information on all things high altitude balloon related, checkout the UK High Altitude Society wiki. As well as project listings & ideas, there's code snippets, designs & much more.

Project Sites:


  • Mikal Hart's Streaming library (simplifies output streams)
  • Mikal Hart's Flash (PROGMEM) library (saves RAM by keeping strings in flash memory)
  • Mikal Hart's NewSoftSerial library (a much improved SoftSerial library)
  • Jim Studt's OneWire library (for communication using the OneWire protocol)
  • Miles Burton's Dallas Temperature Control library (makes for easy handling of Dallas Semiconductor temp sensors)
  • Bill Greiman's FAT16 library (handles SD card interfacing & FAT16 file management)


  • Arduino (Open source ATmega AVR based prototyping platform)
  • Vaisala (Meteorlogical radiosonde manufacturer)
  • Trimble (Manufactures the Lassen IQ GPS module)

Online stores/retailers

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