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Horus 16 Launch Announcement

This Sunday (18th of September) we will be launching Horus 16 at around 09:00 am local time (~00:00 UTC). This launch is a test of the new MicroNut payload, and another shot at an altitude record.В We're expecting a peak altitude of 40km, which will give a radio horizon of around 700km.

Horus 16 Flight Prediction

Those wishing to track can can find the Horus payload on 434.075MHz.В As usual, select 'HORUS' from the payload list in dl-fldigi. You can also track it online, as usual.

The current prediction puts the balloon landing around the Lameroo area, so we're in for an interesting chase!

Update: the Horus 16 writeup is now online.

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Marks been busy!

Mark has been keeping himself busy of late putting together new telemetry systems for our payloads. His most recent board 'MicroNut' is an extraordinarily compact GPS tracker & radio transmitter, capable of operating on 70cm/2m RTTY or full blown APRS depending on the radio module installed.

MicroNut board running APRS

Mark also spent some time in the UK recently, where he launched Horus 15.5 - a shot at the amateur ballooning altitude record. Mark's launch reached 40,575 m, currently the second highest record! :D

For all the details, checkout Mark's blog.

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