Project Horus High altitude balloon project


Horus 26 27 Video now up

It's been a long time coming, but the video for Horus 26 and 27 is now up! A big thanks to Grant VK5GR for putting this together!


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Launch history now slightly less out of date!

Write-upsВ for launches 24 through to 28 are now available.

Project Horus has also had some recent media appearances, with segments on both Scope and Totally Wild. Thanks to both Grant VK5GR and Dale VK5FSCK for the footage:

Quite a few launches are planned for the next few months, so stay tuned!

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Writeups videos for Horus 22 + Horus 23 online

The writeups for Horus 22 and Horus 23 are now online.

Grant has put together a couple of great videos on the last 2 launches - be sure to check out all his work on his Project Horus Vimeo channel.

A big thanks to all who helped make Horus 23 such a success!

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Horus 19 Skipping Girl Vinegar Chase the Sun Music Video Released!

YouTube Preview Image

From the video description:

Australian band Skipping Girl Vinegar sent a hobo monkey (Baker) to the edge of space, in a low rent spaceship made from foam and gaffa tape. On the morning of Sat 27th Nov 2011, attached to a giant weather balloon, Baker and the onboard camera soared to 110,000 feet (4 times higher than Mt Everest) capturing the rolling image that is now part of this new film clip. Reaching speeds of over 200kmh and experiencing temperatures as low as -50 degrees Baker carried an Mp3 player beaming out the new SGV single 'Chase the Sun' and messages to the Universe from the people of Earth.

No 'Hobo Monkeys' were harmed during the making of this clip.

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Project Horus balloon launch at LCA 2012

On Tuesday the 17th ofВ January, we gave our presentation on high altitude ballooning at the 2012, following up with the launch a micropayload. A big thanks to everyone who turned out for the talk and came along to the launch!

Joel getting ready to launch at LCA2012

We certainly weren't short on volunteers with cameras at the launch - many thanks to those of you who got us coverage via the likes of Gizmodo.

Unfortunately the balloon did end up getting quite a bit higher (and hence further away!) than we had expected - it eventually landed out in Port Phillip bay. For the curious folk, there is a KML of the flight path online here.

Our chase car tracking

Mark managed to do an excellent job of decoding the payload right down to the ground - despite being over 50km away, we managed to receive data right down to 83m above sea level.

The video highlights reel we showcased at the conference is nowВ publiclyВ available - a big thanks to our resident video guru Grant.

For those who saw the talk, don't forget that voting is still open for the best talks of LCA 2012. The most highly rated talks will be repeated on Friday the 20th - given the opportunity we'll be launching and tracking another micropayload. ;-)

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Project Horus at 2012

We're happy to announce that Project Horus will again be making an appearance at this year. Like last year, the talk will focus on the technical aspects of our launches, with Mark, Joel & Terry speaking. We're also hoping to release a balloon as a demonstration of our tracking equipment on the day! is being held in Ballarat this year - an hour or so out of the Melbourne CBD.

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Horus 19 writeup online

The full Horus 19 writeup is now online. However, we've not yet published any footage of Baker's ride to the edge of space - stay tuned, we'll be publishing that shortly. :-)

Grant also put together a great behind the scenes video of Horus 19 - thanks Grant! For loads more Project Horus videos, check out Grant's Vimeo profile.

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A visit to SERG at Mt Gambier

Last weekend, Adrian, Matt, Grant & I visited the South East Radio Group in Mt Gambier to give a talk on high altitude ballooning. Our talk was well received by some enthusiastic hams, and Adrian VK5ZSN gave some demos of his truck & its RDF/balloon hunting capabilities.

As well as giving a talk, the team headed to the Mt Gambier airport at 9am on Sunday to observe the launch of a radiosonde from the local automated launch station. The balloon was released at 9:45am with Grant's camera at the ready:

A big thanks to SERG for inviting us to their clubrooms & for their hospitality over the weekend. :-)

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Project Horus sends Tux to (near) space!

As a part of the 2011, we recently flew a payload carrying a plush tux to near space. Tux's flight was recorded in HD from launch to landing - a big thanks to Grant VK5GR who has put together a 2 minute extract of the flight for all to enjoy!

Tux himself is going to be auctioned off at the LCA Penguin Dinner on Thursday this week, with proceeds going to the Queensland flood appeal.

Tux was auctioned on the 27th of January, raising an amazing $23,239 (AUD) for the Queensland flood appeal! A big congratulations to everybody involved who helped make this possible, and many thanks to those who bid at the charity auction for their generosity.

Along with Tux the winning bidder received a giant poster sized print captured during the flight which had been signed by Mark Pesce, Eric Allman, Geof Huston, Vint Cerf & Linus Torvalds.

Mark and Joel with Tux & the signed print

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Project Horus at LCA today!

I'm happy to announce that our friends Mark and Joel will be giving a talk about Project Horus & high altitude ballooning today at the 2011 (which is going ahead after all!) :)

The talk is being held today at 1:30pm in S207 as part of the Arduino mini conference - for more details, please refer to the schedule.

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