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Project Horus at 2012

We're happy to announce that Project Horus will again be making an appearance at this year. Like last year, the talk will focus on the technical aspects of our launches, with Mark, Joel & Terry speaking. We're also hoping to release a balloon as a demonstration of our tracking equipment on the day! is being held in Ballarat this year - an hour or so out of the Melbourne CBD.

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  1. Shame I found out about this too late , Ballarat is within reach , but Tuesday was already spoken for.
    I assume you will be launching from the usual location .If the launch time is early enough though I will have a look at lunchtime . Might even take the yagi , ft-817and laptop to work :) just to let some of my colleages have a look .
    Good luck with the conference
    John , vk3jmc

  2. I would have liked to come along to this as well but too busy this week to get away. Best of luck with the presentation

    Will anyone be recording the presentation for offline viewing ?


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