Project Horus High altitude balloon project


Project Horus is run by a loose group of individuals in their spare time as hobby project.

With the exception of donations for which we are very grateful and the occasional sponsored launch, the project is privately funded. Costs for helium, balloons, fuel & electronics are significant, and limit our activities.

All this radio equipment looks expensive!

If you're able to make a donation to the project, we would be very grateful and will happily credit you for your donation.

Donor name Donation date
Mark Jessop VK5QI 17/10/2011
Alan Kovacs 25/12/2011
Matthew Steventon 13/2/2012
Sunraysia Radio Group VK3FI 10/5/2012
Ivan Smith VK5HS 27/5/2012
Alex Makarowsky 6/11/2012