Project Horus High altitude balloon project

Horus 28

Technical information:

Launch date 8/9/12, 13:55:36 UTC
Landing date 8/9/12, 17:17 UTC
Flight duration 3 hours, 21 minutes
Launch site 52.2516, -0.0917
Landing site 52.4893, 1.0856
Flight path
Distance travelled 84.4 km
Average speed 25.1 km/h
Maximum speed 98 km/h
Maximum altitude 40,449 m
Average ascent rate 4 m/s
Impact speed 5 m/s
Telemetry 300 baud RTTY, CRC16 checksum
Tracking Ground stations (distributed listener), 1 chase car, web based tracker


Horus 28 was launched by Mark VK5QI whilst in the UK for a few weeks - Mark launched alongside Dave Akerman in the so called 'HAB olympics'.

To read details of the day & see some of the great photos captured by Dave & Mark, head over to the writeup on Dave's blog. The launch was also featured in an article by The Register, with their usual british spin on the events.