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Horus 15 flies today

Apologies for the late announcement - we'll be launching Horus 15 today. Onboard will be HD video, and a re-fly of Mark's HF telemetry payload (as flown in Horus 8).

Those wishing to track can find the Horus payload on the usual 434.650 MHz - to track Mark's HF payload, select 'darkside' in dl-fldigi & tune your radio to 14.080 MHz. Mark's payload is putting out around 700 mW this time around, so should be heard over a good distance!

As usual, you can follow the flight online.

Horus 15 flight prediction

Late edit: Horus 15 flew and was successfully recovered, more details shortly.

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A visit to SERG at Mt Gambier

Last weekend, Adrian, Matt, Grant & I visited the South East Radio Group in Mt Gambier to give a talk on high altitude ballooning. Our talk was well received by some enthusiastic hams, and Adrian VK5ZSN gave some demos of his truck & its RDF/balloon hunting capabilities.

As well as giving a talk, the team headed to the Mt Gambier airport at 9am on Sunday to observe the launch of a radiosonde from the local automated launch station. The balloon was released at 9:45am with Grant's camera at the ready:

A big thanks to SERG for inviting us to their clubrooms & for their hospitality over the weekend. :-)

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