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Horus 16 Launch Announcement

This Sunday (18th of September) we will be launching Horus 16 at around 09:00 am local time (~00:00 UTC). This launch is a test of the new MicroNut payload, and another shot at an altitude record.В We're expecting a peak altitude of 40km, which will give a radio horizon of around 700km.

Horus 16 Flight Prediction

Those wishing to track can can find the Horus payload on 434.075MHz.В As usual, select 'HORUS' from the payload list in dl-fldigi. You can also track it online, as usual.

The current prediction puts the balloon landing around the Lameroo area, so we're in for an interesting chase!

Update: the Horus 16 writeup is now online.

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  1. Ive been waiting for this for months and months but unfortunately I already have commitments on Sunday morning and by the time I am done I expect the balloon will be down.


  2. Its quite possible the balloon will still be in the air around 1pm!
    Were expecting a flight time of around 4-5 hours, depending on if the balloon floats.


  3. It takes about an hour and a half for me to load up, drive to my RF quiet receive site out of town that has a nice view to the Eastern horizon, set up the portable mast and Yagi ready to upload telemetry I think I might be pushing it this time


  4. Im hoping that it can get a bit E of Mildura so I can get into the repeater from Sydney. Not looking like it though.

  5. Ive arrived home and found that the balloon is still up but the radio horizon still hasnt reached Port Lincoln at 1300 local time, cant hear anything here yet Ill follow the progress via the web good job guys!!


  6. Still watching with rotator and beams at the ready

  7. Can see the IRC chat but cant seem to reply..

  8. 5.00 Local time here and seeing the balloon is still going? Awesome. Are you gonna go after it?

  9. Crikey, still going! Itll end up in Bendigo or Echuca yet :-)

  10. I cant seem to bring up the balloon on the tracker website on my laptop but the browser on the shack computer is still working fine. Its still up there. I wish I had grabbed VK5RFs IC-706Mk2G and decoded some telemetry I had no idea it would be up there for so long!

  11. I hope the trackers didnt have any plans for this evening! Gonna be tough finding it in the dark!

  12. Michael, see the chat on the VK-Logger its still flying but theyre running out of light and could make a decision to head back to Adelaide soon. I think its just going to keep flying :-)

  13. Well were all watching at 8:25pm SAST.
    Looks like the boys are having a break at Swan Hill
    We hope it comes down soon fellows.
    S4 at Millicent at this time

  14. 11:26 GMT Looks like theyve pulled the pin and are heading home.

  15. Update from Chase Tracker Team #2: Balloon has gone into float at ~ 37.5km altitude we have given up the chase at Swan Hill and turned back for home. It could well be over the Tasman by morning!

    Thanks to all the stations collecting and uploading telemetry across the SE of the continent please keep it up so we can see how far it lasts (there is a risk of it freezing yet). Definitely a flight to record and remember!

  16. Awesome effort guys. Good Luck for the next one. Imagine if it goes as far as this one!!

    Cheers. Greg.

  17. At 6.46am this morning, it was over Goulburn VK2 and still with an alitude of 38km. Well done folks!

  18. 07.40 signal S3+ at Bungendore, NSW.

  19. That just kept on flying. Great effort guys.
    I cant see the path on the online tracking anymore. How do I bring this up?

  20. 09.30 signal S=0.5 to S=1 at Bungendore still audible.

  21. Will you publish the flight path, altitude and additional information from Horus 16?

  22. Hoping to hear about H-16. Should be an interesting read.

  23. Hi all, after some delay weve published the Horus 16 writeup. A big thanks to all who were involved in tracking on the day! :-)

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