Project Horus High altitude balloon project


Quick update

Did not yet get around to doing a tethered test due to the weather here - it's been in excess of 40 degrees C for the last few days.

Visited Adrian and did some testing of the telemetry & found a few bugs - the most notable being that the temperature sensors were failing once the GPS achieved lock. Reason for this was that the interrupt driven software UART to the GPS was throwing off the delays enforced to give the temperature sensors time to take their readings when data was being received. I've since fixed this, and moved to a more accurate timing method for the RTTY telemetry.

The pressure and humdity sensors have arrived and have been connected. The pressure sensor seems to be working correctly, I need to test the humidity sensor against an environment of known humidity to make sure it's also working.

I've started work on a GUI frontend to track all the balloons sensors. I'll upload screenshots of this soon.

Currently awaiting final CASA approval, launch in the next 2 weeks is looking promising, with good wind conditions. Will finish off the tracking page soon & have a few ground based runs to ensure everything is in working order.

Predicted flight path

Predicted flight path

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