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Weekend of launches: Horus 8 Horus 9

Weather predictions current suggest that Saturday the 9th of Oct is looking like an ideal day for launching. Whilst it's not quite the 10/10/10 we wanted to launch on, we can't pass up such great conditions - so we're going to go ahead and launch Horus 8 on Saturday. Launch time will be around 12:00 local time (GMT +10:30). Horus 8 will be flying a high definition video payload as well as an experimental HF telemetry payload.

Of course, we still want to have a crack at launching on 10/10/10 as part of the One Day on Earth movement, so if conditions permit, we'll be launching Horus 9 the next day - Sunday the 10th of October! We'll be flying the same HD video payload minus the HF telemetry experiment. I'll update the blog to confirm if Horus 9 is flying (including launch time) on Saturday evening.

For those interested in tracking, telemetry (300b RTTY) will be broadcast on 434.650 MHz SSB on both launches. Horus 8 will also include 300b RTTY on HF - 7.037 MHz. You can decode the HF telemetry using exactly the same software (dl-fldigi), you'll just need to select the 'DARKSIDE' payload. Checkout the tracking page for more info.

Both launches will also be flying our simplex repeater, though we'll be using it as a comms platform for our chase teams and trackers rather than as an experiment this time. If you're able to assist with tracking, please contact me to let me know and I'll forward on the comms repeater details so that you can keep in touch with the team. :)

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  1. dont understand more than 2 words but the photos are great!
    you must be a genius

  2. What are the times and frequencies for the next launch??

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