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Project Horus: 1 Year!

It's been one year today since went online. 8 flights later, I've certainly learned a lot, met some great people & had a bunch of fun! :D

This seems like a fitting time to announce a couple of upcoming launches:

Lonely Planet:
I'm currently working with Melbourne artist Chris Lansell in conjunction with Tony Wheeler of Lonely Planet on a project involving HD video cameras & lots of altitude. At this stage, the project is looking like 2 launches, one carrying several HD video cameras, the other carrying still photography. Lift off is set for mid November, weather permitting!

Jason Hansma:
I've been approached by Dutch artist Jason Hansma to assist him in launching one of his exhibitions to near-space. Jason's based in Perth at the moment, and is working on a concept of launching a sculpture of Hermes (the messenger of the gods) into space, capturing the journey in HD video.

There's even more in the pipeline too.. keep your eye on the blog for updates soon. ;)

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  1. Isnt Mixio doing the same thing as Jason Hansma regarding the statue?

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