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Launch of Horus 9

The flight of Horus 9 on 23/10/10 was a great success - all payloads worked as hoped, and a great number of people were able to make contacts via the repeater. The payload landed in the scrub of Billatt conservation park - fortunately near a track (1km out in the scrub) which meant we were able to recover it without too much fuss.

A big thanks to all involved - we really couldn't have done it without you!

I've put the writeup online, though it's not yet complete - it's missing the list of contacts logged, as well as recovery pics (I'll put these online very soon!) :D

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  1. Thanks Terry for another great day of ballooning fun.

  2. Hi Terry, Did the balloon get caught in a storm cell?? Altitude went up very quickly. Looking forward to the write up and recordings.

  3. Hi Terry the launch went well. At my home QTH (Berwick Vic) the repeater was first heard at atround 18000mtrs, it was workable at 22000mtrs. It was great to work it from the base, mobile and then the hand held. Wonder if the full audio file will be available for download Id be keen to have a copy of my 3 contacts and also my son VK3FCLL. Cheers and well done. Graeme VK3GL

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