Project Horus High altitude balloon project


Upcoming launch

The weather is holding up & looking great for our launch tomorrow. :)

We're hoping to get the balloon in the air at about midday, launching from near Mt Barker. We're using a smaller balloon this time, so our overall altitude will not be as great - the balloon will burst around 18-20km.

This launch will mainly be to test higher baud rates - the payload will be switching baud rates as it gains altitude, the baud rate profile will be as follows:

  • 0-5 km altitude: 50 baud
  • 5-7 km altitude: 100 baud
  • 7-9 km altitude: 150 baud
  • 9-11 km altitude: 200 baud
  • 11-13 km altitude: 300 baud
  • 13+ km altitude: 50 baud

The payload will return to 50 baud for descent to give greatest tracking reliability.

The telemetry has been re-worked to use a stronger checksum (CRC16), which should help us with the higher baud rates we'll be testing during the flight.

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