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RTTY bitrate

If you are tracking the flight of Horus 2, you will need to configure dl-fldigi to change bit rate when the payload changes the transmission speed (see the previous post). As dl-fldigi does not automatically switch baud rates, this needs to be done manually - thankfully it's very easy!

To switch the baud rate, select Op mode -> RTTY -> Custom:
Once you've brough up this dialog, simply select the baud rate you'd like to switch to, then hit 'save' followed by 'close'.

To improve dl-fldigi's decoding performance, it's worth changing the interpolation in use. To do this, select Audio -> Settings whilst the dl-fldigi options dialogue is open. I suggest changing from the default linear interpolator to the fastest sinc interpolator - the medium & best sinc interpolators may perform better, but they have very heavy CPU requirements.

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