Project Horus High altitude balloon project


Another successful launch!

Horus 3 was launched today at approx 12:10pm & successfully recovered a few hours later.

The weather was perfect, which made launch so much easier, and (almost) everything went exactly as planned. Thanks to the work of natrium42 & jcoxon in getting the dynamic predictor working in conjunction with the tracker, we were actually able to position ourselves and actually see the payload coming down!

Run for the balloon!

I'll post up a full writeup soon The writeup is here - massive thanks to everybody who helped out with tracking & on IRC! :D

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  1. wow! congratulations Terry! Did anyone help tracking there? Youre in OZ right? Looking forward to the pics! (there was a cam on board, right? =) )

  2. Congratulations!
    Could you explain please why the string from balloon to the payload is so long?

    Thank you !

  3. Hi Tim yes, were based in Australia. No camera on this balloon unfortunately!

    Anton I left a large amount of string to prevent the balloon payload from getting tangled when the balloon had burst. Im not too sure what the ideal configuration is yet, Im still experimenting (though this seemed to work well). :)

  4. Looks very interesting. I missed out as I was in hospital on the 28th , my son MARK
    told me about it .
    Looking forward to your next one, what type of antenna ???
    Arny VK5nex Whyalla

  5. Hi Arny,
    We use a simple 1/4 wave with ground plane on our payloads for telemetry transmission, and 1/4 or 5/8 antennas on the cars for RX anything should work really, so long as you have line of sight to the payload!

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