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Another flight more info

I'm currently preparing for a small low key launch of Horus 4 tomorrow morning (03:00 UTC Friday). I've not sent out an email to the mailing list as the flight will only last an hour or so, and will only attain an altitude of approx 10km. We'll be flying the same payload as Horus 3, with the telemetry software bug fixed.

Expected flight landing is near Harrogate:

Horus 4 predicted flight path

Baud rate will be raised to 200b at 5km, then again to 300b at 6.5km, and will be lowered to 50b after 8000m, or when descent begins.

Adrian VK5ZSN has been doing some awesome work on the airborne 2m FM repeater (as well as repairing my 2m mobile rig!) which we will soon be flying. The repeater is being built around a Motorolla GP68 transceiver, ATmega AVR & ISD2560P sound recording IC and will be operating as a simplex repeater offering 60 seconds of record + replay, 1W of TX power & CTCSS coding.

Adrians FM Repeater Schematic

Adrians FM Repeater Board Layout

More information and pictures soon to come! :D

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