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Launch announcement: Horus 11

We'll be launching Horus 11 at 12:00 noon local time (01:30 UTC) on Sunday the 21st of November. As previously mentioned, Horus 11 will be flying a video payload for Perth based artist Jason Hansma.

The balloon will be trackable online at, for those interested in assist with decoding telemetry, instructions are available on the tracking page.

Landing predictions are looking favourable

As in Horus 10, we'll have a live video stream of launch preparations available on the tracker (thanks Darkside!) :)

Update: The flight or Horus 11 went brilliantly - the full write-up is available online here!

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  1. Congratulations everyone who participated today on a very smooth flight. The new onboard tracker/predictor worked a treat and greatly reduced our reliance on the Internet whilst mobile. The images captured were absolutely superb Jason Hansma should be very pleased with the effort and the imagery he will have to work with.

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