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Update on recent upcoming launches

The Project Horus website became a little stagnant over the festive period - but that doesn't mean we've been sitting idle!

Back in November we launched Horus 12, the first of 2 flights backed by Tony Wheeler of Lonely Planet. The flight was a success, and was recovered less than 50km away from the launch site, narrowly avoiding landing in the Murray river! :o

Checkout the full write-up for all the details, including more video.

More recently, we launched and recovered Horus 13. This flight included HD video, but I'll keep the rest under wraps for now - keep yours eyes on the blog for an update on this one soon. ;-)

Recovering Horus 13 from a wheat field

I'm pleased to announce that we have more launches in the pipeline too - including another amateur radio launch. We're hoping to fly our repeaters again, as well as some DX beacons and experimental systems. More to come soon! :D

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