Project Horus High altitude balloon project


Launch of Horus 19

On Sunday the 27th of November, we'll be launching Horus 19, carrying Skipping Girl Vinnegar's monkey 'baker' to the edge of space.

Launch will be taking place at around 08:00am local time (ACST), with another opening at 14:30 should we be unable to launch as planned.

We will be flying our regular 70cm RTTY telemetry on 434.650MHz, as well as an APRS payload. AsВ always, we appreciate people's assistance in tracking, if you want to follow the launch online you can do it atВ spacenear.usВ or atВ

Chase & launch teams will be contactable on the day via the VK5RSB and VK5RMB repeaters, as well as in #highaltitude onВ

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