Project Horus High altitude balloon project


Launch of Horus 18

On Sunday the 13th of November we'll be launching Horus 18 at approx 9am local time (ACST).

This launch includes high definition video, as well a number of standard definition video cameras.

Predicted flight path of Horus 18

TelemetryВ wise, we'll be flying our standard 300baud RTTY onВ 434.650MHzВ & an APRS payload. We always appreciate people's assistance in tracking, if you want to follow the launch online you can do it atВ spacenear.usВ or at

Chase & launch teams will be contactable on the day via the VK5RSB and VK5RMB repeaters, as well as in #highaltitude onВ

The predicted flight path should (hopefully) make for an easy recovery.

Update:В Horus 18 was a successful flight! The full writeup is now online.

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  1. Good luck guys, I might drop in on IRC and see how you are going if I get a chance on Sunday

  2. Ho do I get the #highaltitude to work? I can log in and read but not post to the chat/

  3. Hi Guys, Have a nice flight I will probably try and see if I can hear anything when the bird is at altitude
    I have dl-fldigi ready to go :)

  4. Hi from Katanning W.A.
    i am watching flight
    looks like you have that monkey on board
    driving it back to launch site ,well done !!

  5. Well done guys,
    Looks like it was good flight. I cant believe how good the flight path prediction was.
    Sadly I didnt hear anything from the beacon, ( I think I need a bigger antenna)

  6. Crikey, thats the first time for me with everything ready with minutes to spare! That backtrack had me a bit worried about the river for a while! Does the software save data automatically? It was only 133 odd km from me when it came down. A great project fellas, I look forward to future flights. Now I need to find out more about the software :)

  7. Well done guys. Amazed how close to the predicition it went. Got the dl-fidigi working and faint beacon but only one succesful decode. Maybe next time. Great to track the bird on not to mention the bit of back tracking by Matt and the team. Great effort again. 73s

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