Project Horus High altitude balloon project


WIA Launch Frequencies

Tomorrow the 27th of May we will be launching two balloons from Mildura, Victoria.

Data from the telemetry payloads can be demodulated using the dl-fldigi software, available by clicking the tracking link above.

All those wishing to track should take note of the following frequencies:

Horus 26 - WIA Repeater Launch - 0800 AEST

  • Telemetry: 434.075MHz USB 300baud RTTY 7N1 (Select "HORUS" from dl-fldigi's dropdown list.
  • APRS: 145.175MHz AFSK using callsign VK5ARG-11
  • Cross-band Repeater:
  • Uplink 438.900MHz FM 123Hz CTCSS. Please use the CTCSS tone, or else you will only be causing interference to other repeater users.
  • Downlink: 147.500MHz FM.

The repeater will have net control run by VK3WIA.

Horus 27 - Imaging Payload - 0900 AEST

  • Telemetry: 434.650MHz USB 300baud RTTY 7N1 (Select "DARKSIDE" from list)
  • APRS: 145.175MHz AFSK using callsign VK5ARG-12

Between-car comms frequencies

We will primarily be using the airborne repeater for comms, and as such, the following callsigns should be given priority on the repeater:

  • VK5ZM
  • VK5GR
  • VK5QI
  • VK5VZI

For close range comms we will be using 146.550MHz FM simplex.

Long-range HF comms frequencies are 3640KHz LSB and 7070KHz LSB.

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