Project Horus High altitude balloon project


A successful weekend of launches

We're happy to report that both launches this weekend (Horus 26 & 27) were a success.

Many thanks to everybody who turned out at the WIA AGM to hear our talk and witness the launches, and an extra thanks to everybody who helped make this weekend possible.

Keep an eye on the blog over the coming days for full details of the launches including photos & videos of the day.

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  1. Thanks for a great presentation at the WIA Conference and allowing us to observe your two launches on Sunday morning. Your dedication and enthusiasm for the project was very apparent well done team.

  2. Thanks for the launch. Checking into the repeater and contacting VK3WIA was fun. Have you got any call logs from the launch?

  3. Great Job Guys! Couldnt make it into the balloon repeater with my 10 watts but was decoding the telemetry and listening to the QSOs the whole morning

  4. Thoroughly enjoyed just listening to the comms channels. The presentation and demonstrations are a credit to the team. All the best for the future. John

  5. Congratulations on a great presentation at the Technical Symposium following the WIA AGM at Mildura, and for the opportunity to watch the setup and launch of HORUS 24 & 25. What an interesting part of our hobby you have chosen to follow. Congratulation also on the development work you have achieved with the MicroNut.
    Secretary Illawarra Amateur Radio Society.

  6. Great day guys.
    I was at the Ginkgo mine (50KM w Pooncarie) and managed to sneak off for an hour to monitor the flight and the chase on a stock Yaesu VX-6. (with rubber ducky antenna)
    The Balloon flew almost overhead though we never saw it.
    Finally managed to make contact with flight control via the 2m/70cm repeater, much to the amazement of of my crew and myself as well when I realized my TX had been set on 2w.
    I dont get much on 2m in these remote parts.
    73s Geoff VK7HAL/2

  7. VK6FLAB yes we have logs of the flight. QSL cards are being produced soon.

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